About IMPACT Student Ministry

Goal– Impacting people with the power of Jesus Christ’s love, forgiveness, purpose and hope.

By the time our students graduate from high school we desire that:

    • ·        their trust and faith be strongly rooted in Jesus Christ
    • ·        they have a clearly understood Godly worldview
    • ·        they know their spiritual giftedness
    • ·        our students understand their identity as a holy blameless child of God
    • ·        they live a steadfast life of physical, mental and spiritual purity
    • ·        they are equipped to share the gospel

Our desire is that our students will be well rounded in that they have a balance of knowledge, faith, and experience, demonstrated by a commitment to serve, obey, and worship Christ while making disciples now and for a lifetime.  We hope to accomplish this by encouraging students to spend personal time with God through daily prayer and reading scripture, providing solid Biblical teaching, opportunities for students to be in small groups and have a mentor, developing and equipping leaders, and providing experiences and events for youth to use their spiritual gifts fellowshipping in Biblical Community.

Vision-Teenagers transformed through community

Mission-Becoming like Christ and ushering in His kingdom in our daily lives.  Working in community to accomplish the A.W.E.S.O.M.E. mission of an awesome God as stated below.


  • Authentic Relationships-We are to relate authentically, intentionally pursuing spiritual growth together.
  • Worship-We are to experience the presence of God.
  • Empathy-We are to demonstrate Christ’s compassionate character through Acts of Compassion.
  • Service-We are to serve in ministry, both in the church and in the communities in which we live.
  • Outreach (locally)-We are to reach out to the disconnected, connecting them to authentic biblical community.
  • Mission (globally)-We are to actively support specific missionaries and mission projects around the world.
  • Evangelism (personally)-We are to speak to people about the reality of sin, death, judgment, Hell and God’s marvelous plan of salvation.